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Green Summer Tips

Summertime is the easiest time to go green and stay green!  I have some green summer tips that I've rounded up...anyone have anything to add?


  1. Instead of driving hundreds of miles, discover local attractions. Take a “staycation!”

  2. If you still want to take a vacation, there are plenty of green vacation options these days. From green hotels to green restaurants, there are plenty of places to go. And consider ditching the car and seek out some public transportation options. If you must take a plane, offset your carbon footprint!

  3. Go camping instead of taking a vacation in a hotel. Usually, you won't need to travel too far to find beautiful campgrounds, especially if you look for state parks! Camping can be so TV, internet, cell phones...enjoy a few days of simplicity!

  4. Time to go shopping for that new summer wardrobe? Organic cotton, hemp, or bamboo all the way! It will keep you cool unlike synthetic fabrics. Organic clothes do tend to be expensive, though, so if you need to change up your summer wardrobe, check out some thrift stores or do clothing swaps with friends.

  5. Be aware of your air conditioner thermostat. Turning the thermostat up just a few degrees can make a huge difference. If you have window air conditioning units, like I do, only turn it on if you happen to be in that room.

  6. Better yet, find a way to keep your home cool without turning on that AC!

  7. Throw an eco-friendly barbecue, with local and/or organic food, compostable flatware, and more.

  8. Take advantage of fruits and veggies being in season. Go to your local farmer's markets or pick your own fruit!

  9. Garden, garden, garden! What could possibly be better than going into your own backyard and plucking a fresh raspberry right off the plant and popping it into your mouth?

  10. Repel bugs without resorting to poisonous bug repellant such as “OFF!” There are many plants that repel mosquitoes, and there are also green bug spray options.

  11. Use all-natural sunblock and slather it on to prevent that lobster look.

  12. Take advantage of the warm weather and sun and get a clothesline! Who needs a clothes dryer when Mr. Golden Sun can dry your clothes?

  13. If you have kids, get a kiddie pool! And put on your bathing suit and jump in with them! Turn off the AC, get outside, and have some fun in the water. Your kids will cool off, you'll cool off, and then afterwards you can use the pool water to water your garden.

  14. Keep hydrated, but not with bottled water. Fill up your reusable bottle with water and ice and keep yourself cool on the go.