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Green Toilets: Clivus Waterless Composting Toilets at Walden Pond

In a recent trip to the beautiful Walden Pond, I was using the restroom facility and saw this sign:

Green Toliets

Click to enlarge.

What it says is:

The self-contained waterless toilets in this facility are saving thousands of gallons of water each year and produce no sewage to contaminate the environment.  

"This recycling system uses natural biological decomposition to convert toilet waste into water vapor, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of compost that is biologically stable, odor-free, and similar to topsoil.

I hadn't seen toilets like these before, so I immediately went to the manufacturer's website to get the scoop.

The company who installed the toilets is called Clivus New England, and here's an illustation on how their products work.   However, these toilets are available worldwide from the company Clivus Multrum.

The first prototype of a Clivus toilet was built in 1939 in Sweden by an art teacher named Rikard Lindström.   It was patented in 1962 and became commercially available in 1964.  It was brought to the US by Abby Rockefeller in the 1970s.  In 1971, Lindström was awarded two gold medals in Brussels for his invention, naming it the best environmental invention of the year.

Sounds like a really great product and I hope to see more of these toilets!