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Green Tomato Ideas

Tomato gardening season is nearing an end for us, as the threat of the first frost is appearing in the ten-day forecast.  This means it's time for us to pick all of our tomatoes before the frost ruins them.  

What are some fun things to do with green tomatoes?  

Let them ripen inside.  Sitting them on the window sill to ripen works well.  You can also put them in paper bags to let them ripen...but we've also forgotten about them this way, and wound up with a bag of nasty, rotten tomatoes that had to be composted.

Make salsa.  This green tomato salsa verde will use up a lot of green tomatoes.  You could can it, too!  

Make chutney.  We made this amazing green tomato chutney last night (pictured right) and dipped Trader Joe's garlic naan in it.  Fantastic!  

Make relish.  If you still have some cabbage growing in your yard, you can use up some cabbage this way, too.   Here's a green tomato relish recipe with cabbage.   The fun thing about relish is that it improves over time, so when you need a little taste of summer in the dead of winter, pop open a can of homemade relish!

Pickle 'em.  There are lots of varieties of green tomato pickles, and pickles are really easy to make.  

Fry 'em up.   "Fried Green Tomatoes" isn't just a movie...and let's be honest - who doesn't love something breaded and deep fried?  This recipe looks delicious! 

Make mincemeat.  This mincemeat recipe from Mother Earth News calls for green tomatoes.  In just a month or two, you can start using this for holiday cookies and pies!  

Bake ' a cake.  You can make a spiced-style green tomato cake and cream cheese frosting.  Mmmmm!  

Make marmalade.  This easy green tomato and lemon marmalade recipe only has a few ingredients.  

Don't waste those green tomatoes...have fun and get creative.  


This was originally posted on 10/26/12