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Greenpeace Rates Green IT

Greenpeace recently released the efforts of their Cool IT Climate Leadership Challenge. This challenge dealt with the major IT companies of the world and how these companies were taking tangible steps to reduce their carbon footprint.  After compiling the results Greenpeace sees the IT industry's claim of being able to cut down 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 as out of reach as a result of the industry's "inadequate leadership" when it comes to climate change.  This information was gleamed directly from the challenge.

"The majority of IT companies talk big about "going green" rather than giving tangible evidence of how their software and hardware solutions actually reduce emissions. These companies must show case studies of climate savings based on sound metrics in areas such as smarter transport, building energy efficiency and smart grids," says Greenpeace International Campaigner Casey Harrell.

The ratings provided by Greenpeace are based on a number of criteria; reducing their own emissions and increasing renewable energy use, coming up with IT-related solutions to climate change problems and devices that can measure their impact, and finally, using their influence to lobby a strong climate change deal during the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December.  The results are constantly updated.


It doesn't surprise me.  

It doesn't surprise me.   A great use of this site (not sure how to get their yet) would be to uncover the actual companies that walk the walk and don't just say what they think the world wants to here ... much like a politician.

How depressing... You would

How depressing... You would think with all of the current econmic incentives and political push, leading tech companies would WANT to move faster... Maybe it is a problem of aging leadership which is out of touch with the current climate (no pun intended...). 

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