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Happy Memorial Day Weekend Quick Hits

Happy Memorial Day everyone and since today is Friday I have a bunch of fun quick hits to help you make it a green weekend.

7 Ways to Make Your Beach Outing Eco-Friendly: A fun little guide for all those enjoying the sun at the seaside this weekend from thedailygreen.  Remember to check out your sun screen at the good guide to see if it is responsible.

Greening Your Memorial Day BBQ: Robin Shrevees of the Mother Nature Network provides some insight into tips for a great 'green' barbecue.  Yum, organic corn and a bottle of locally gorwn shiraz!

Eco-Fun for Memorial Day:  Another great post by Robin Shrevees that expands out into games.  Frisbee over the DS any day in my books.

Free Sustainable Energy Show: For all those readers living in Missouri this event seems like a fun and free way to spend a couple hours on Memorial Day with the Family.

How to have a green Memorial Day Weekend: Finally, Yahoo provides some of their insights into greening your Memorial Day.  Have lots of fun and stay safe everyone.