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Help Undo Bush-Era Environmental Policies

Funny picture of BushIt's going to take a lot to undo all of the bad environmental policies that came about during Bush's 8 loooong years in office. 

Here's one of the many disturbing things Dubya did: 

The Bush administration illegally changed the rules and allowed dirty water transfers to happen throughout the country  without a Clean Water Act (CWA) permit. The CWA was established to eliminate release of high amounts of toxic substances into water and it requires permits in order to help reduce pollution. The Bush administration also created loopholes in the CWA by claiming that 60% percent of the headwaters of America's rivers were not "waters of the United States."  Huh?

Today, created a petition to go to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.  Please visit and sign

Obama is working to undo a lot of the environmental policies that came about during the Bush era.  Let's hope they happen, because we really need the help!