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How to save money on your energy bills this winter

If you haven’t already heard, energy prices are set to soar this winter and carry on rising in 2013. Due to this, everyone is being advised to shop around, pick your supplier carefully and if not suffer the price increase on your January electricity bill. 

Considering it is December and the coldest time of the year, it is inevitable that you want to turn up your heating in a bid to stay warm this winter. However, have you actually thought how much this is going to cost you?  You can switch your energy supplier to make it as cheap as possible, but the moral of the story is that your heating bills are going to increase whether you like it or not.

In light of this, I wanted to write this post to give advice and support to all of those out there struggling with money worries this Christmas season; after all, energy bill hikes affect all of us!

Turn off standby

Leaving your computer and television on standby can increase your electricity bills without you even realising it. It is important in a bid to save money this Christmas, to turn all electrical appliances off standby and switch off any unnecessary items that you aren’t using.

Install a heating thermostat

By installing a heating thermostat you can control when your heating is on and when it is switched off.  This can save you plenty of money this winter as you will only be paying for what you use. Before bed and mornings are usually the coldest, so by setting the thermostat to come on at this time you are cutting down on your heating usage. You can also increase the heat in your home by installing a set of vertical blinds or curtains which can control the temperature of your room depending on their usage.

Wash clothes at a lower temperature

As mentioned by, by switching to 30 degrees instead of 40 you will reduce your energy consumption by 40%!  And due to modern washing powers being so effective, washing at 30 degrees will still make your clothes as clean as they would be washed at 40. This is a substantial amount which you can save on your monthly bills by doing something as simple as switching your temperature. 


This guest post was by Alice Lawson working on behalf of Vertical Blinds Direct.