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How to Throw a Green Dinner Party

Traditional dinner parties aren’t particularly environmentally friendly. If you want to plan and throw a green dinner party for your friends, you’re going to have to put forth some extra effort. You’ll find that your extra effort is worth it, however, when you consider the favor you’ll be doing for the earth. Here are some tips that will help you plan an eco-friendly party to remember:


1. Go for organic and local drinks – If you’re going to serve alcohol at the party, try to get some beer and wine that’s organic and made locally (or at least in your state). The carbon footprint of wine shipped from France is considerable. The carbon footprint of locally brewed beer and wine, on the other hand, is much more negligible. If you’ll be serving coffee, make sure it’s organic and fair-trade. Additionally, go for aluminum cans or glass bottle versus plastic bottles, since aluminum and glass items do less harm to the environment when they are recycled.   


2. Plan your menu with the environment in mind – Locally grown fruits and vegetables are ideal. If you’re going to serve meat, make sure you pick up some beef that comes from grass-fed cows and some organic chicken that comes from free-range chickens. In general, you should try to keep your menu as full of fruits and vegetables as possible. Vegetarian meals have the least environmental impact. If you wouldn’t eat at your dinner table on a normal evening, don’t serve it at your dinner party. Getting the right types of eco-friendly and healthy foods for the party may cost you some extra money since you’ll have to buy the food in bulk, but doing so will be totally worth it.


3. Ditch the paper plates and plastic utensils – Washing the dishes after a dinner party isn’t necessarily fun, but it’s better for the environment than using paper plates and plastic cups and utensils. Ask your guests to rinse off their plates one dinner is over. This will help prevent food from sticking to the plates, which will mean that you’ll need to use less water when you’re doing the dishes.


As you plan your dinner party, consider the environmental impact of all the choices you make and consider the tips above. Having your friends over for dinner doesn’t mean you need to harm the environment!

 Author’s Bio: Melissa is an event planner and guest blogger who writes about party planning, lifestyle topics, and how to throw your child a Mario birthday party.