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I Have A Brilliant Idea... Holes in Airplanes!!

According to, scientists from the University of Warwick recently conducted a study proving that holes in the wings of an aircraft could slash airline fuel bills by one-fifth. This is not merely two, three or tens of holes, but possibly hundreds.  This new breakthrough is based on teh Helmholtz resonance principle, which is the noise created from blowing across an empty bottle top. Guardian UK defined this principle as occuring when "air is forced into a cavity increasing the pressure and forcing air out of the space, creating an oscillation."

The holes in the plane act to reduce drag on the vehicle, lessening fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions.  This reduction is not merely by 1 percent or 5 percent, but can lead to a more than 20% reduction.  Dr. Duncan Lockerby, head of the research, stated half the drag a plane experiences is the result of skin friction, so anything that reduces that will deliver big savings in fuel use."  The first trial run of a plane utilizing this technology is planned in 2012 by Airbus.  Who would think holes would help a plane?


Kind of like a wiffle ball?

Kind of like a wiffle ball?

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