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IBM Charting a Path for Galway Bay

Marine Institute of Ireland

For the past ten years, IBM has been joining with venture capitalist in an effort to provide solutions to large socio-economic problems utilizing a computer construct approach.  This approach centers on the use of analytics and information technology in creating quicker and more efficient systems to manage complex tasks.  These new solutions health care or the environment are branded "smart planet" by IBM.

The first major success of IBM in their "smart planet" endeavor is Galway "smart" bay in Ireland. The pilot system in place in Galway uses numerous sensors to track a huge range of changes in the bay, including pollution, fish stock levels and any possible threats to the environment.  The system even monitors the amount of green energy generated by the bay.

Many would expect this incredible breakthrough to be limited in access to only top researchers and monitoring agencies, but IBM surprises again.  In keeping with their "smart" philosophy this information is provided to the public at large, allowing tourists to monitor the temperature and waves while fisherman can best decide where and when to put their nets down.

IBM developed cloud computing to handle the amazing amount of information obtained.   Cloud computing is an approach to infrastructure in which large pools of systems are linked together to provide IT services.   This new approach to information coupled with recent investments by IBM in water infrastructure, will help conserve water in Ireland.  This first achievement by IBM should be much lauded and a spark to fire imaginations over what cloud computing could do for other 'green' technologies.