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Jackson Browne's Green Tour

Last fall, Jackson Browne made our list of Five Green Bands and Musicians.  And as usual, Mr. Browne does not disappoint, as he works hard to green his current tour.

When it comes to being green, Jackson's no newbie!   He started Muscians United for Safe Energy back 1979 with keen and green musician Bonnie Raitt -- before many were aware of the importance of sustainability.

Nowadays, Jackson Browne is greener than ever.  His brand new Gibson guitar is made of sustainably harvested wood and his home generates its own power.

Here's what he's doing to keep his tour green:

  • The tour bus and equipment truck run on bio-diesel.
  • The stage lighting is powered by LED Bandit Lites rig.
  • NO plastic backstage, which has been a rule since 2008.  
  • Brita Hydration Stations with filtered water available for free to the audience.  (This is part of Brita's FilterForGood campaign)

Jackson told AOL News:  "I'm completely opposed to single-use plastic, so I'm very active in trying to get people to see that you don't have to drink water out of plastic bottles. And it doesn't stop there.  All of that [water bottle] waste happens at the expense of the environment.  I was one of those parents 20 or 30 years ago that thought bottled water seemed like a good idea. But we know a lot more today about the effects of that plastic. So why not use a thermos or other kind of carrier? It's really not that hard."

And on that note, here's some awesome vintage Jackson for you to get you through your Monday: