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Kinetic Energy for Portable Devices

Do you Walk?  Then Trevor Electric can free you from ever re-charging portable devices with electricity from usually carbon emitting sources.  This device is the With the nPower™ PEG (Personal Energy Generator).  With the nPower Peg you can recharge your hand held electronic devices while you walk, run, or bike. Simply plug your nPower™ PEG into your cell phone or MP3 player, carry it vertically, and go.  The energy that is being harnessed is kinetic energy, the extra energy that a human possesses while in motion.

This minute device, only 9 inches by 1.5 inches in measurement and 9 ounces in weight, is comparable at a power outlet for charging.  It is able to power 80 percent of its full battery capacity within an hour's worth of walking.  The nPower PEG is ROHS compliant, 100% recyclable and would contain no cost of maintenance, if that person kept moving. Connection is made through a standard USB connection but converters for the iPod, iPhone, Nintendo DS,Palm Treo and other mobile devices are included.