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Make Your Yard Beautiful the Ecofriendly Way

Having a beautiful yard does not mean that you have to sacrifice the environment. There are many ways to keep up your yard and garden without resorting to pesticides and fertilizers that can harm the Earth. Here are a few tips for ecofriendly gardening:

  1. Choose Native Plants – Choosing native plants for your yard is good in many respects. For one it reduces your need to water as those plants are already familiar with the natural weather systems in your area. It also helps to encourage wildlife like birds and butterflies to visit your yard. Native plants provide an important part of the ecology in your area and do not take over like artificially introduced plants can.
  2. Forgo Grass –Many areas are not naturally grass friendly. If you live somewhere very hot or very cold or dark then grass might have a hard time growing. Instead of forcing it to grow through artificial means like sprinklers or fertilizer, why not go for a more natural look. Choose groundcover that is in your area or replace it with mulch and flower beds or bushes. Even sand and rocks can provide a beautiful, maintenance free yard.

  3. Companion Planting –For your garden you can ward off bugs and get better crops without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Companion planting means that certain flowers and vegetables grow best when planted together. Some all over good companion plants are:

Calendula – Repels tomato worm and acts as a general pest deterrent.

Comfrey – Great for mulch and compost, it accumulates nutrients and is fast growing.

Chili pepper – Repels cabbage moth and other flying pests.

Marigold – Repels soil nematodes, aphids, and many other pests. You can use the leaves to make a natural pesticide spray.

Nasturtium – Improves the flavor of tomatoes and repels white flies and spider mites.

Thyme – Repels cabbage worm.

Rosemary – Deters cabbage moth, bean beetles, and carrot fly, but the leaves can kill other plants so be careful not to include it in compost.

Wormwood – Keeps animals out and repels white fly.

Yarrow – Enhances essential oil production in aromatic herbs and repels soil nematodes, aphids, bean beetles and more.

These are just a few of the great ways that you can have an ecofriendly yard and garden. Avoid the upkeep and the chemicals and make your garden a natural, restful environment.


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