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Mandatory Composting In San Francsico

Once again, San Francisco is taking the initiative in mandating environmental controls. This time it is composting.

SF Mandatory Composting

Last week, Mayor Gavin Newsom signed into law a sweeping ordinance mandating the recycling and composting of waste or face fines. This new ordinance is part of a broader plan to make San Francisco the first city sending no solid waste to landfills in the nation.

This really isn't the beginning of composting for the city, in fact it actually produces a tidy profit from compost already. The city last year created 400 tons of compostables collected from about 1,800 San Francisco restaurants. The compost was sold under the Jepson Prairie Organics label at twelve dollars a cubic yard. The compost sold out in peak season because of its favor with local growers and wineries.

So why let this benefit go to the city and not keep it for yourself? San Franciscans and all those across the country unite and begin your own compost pit. is proud to present you with a wonderful beginner's guide so get started today.