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More Green Celebs: "Cheers" to Ted Danson & Woody Harrelson

I was recently watching an old rerun of "Cheers" and I thought it was interesting that two of the stars,Ted Danson and Woody Harrelson, are such passionate environmentalists.  It's always exciting seeing famous people using their celebrity to bring attention to very important causes, such as the environment.

Ted Danson founded the non-profit called the American Oceans Campaign (now part of Oceana) which works to save the world's oceans.  He founded it in 1987 to bring awareness to the oil spills in the ocean.  He remains on the board of directors.  Oceana is a really important organization and you can keep up to date with them on their blog.

Earlier this year, Ted Danson also spoke to Congress about offshore drilling saying, "While not intentional, oil spills do happen and they harm everything from the smallest ocean organisms to the largest predators in the sea."  Read more about Danson's appeal to the committee on the Oceana press release

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Woody Harrelson in 2003.  He is on the Advisory Board for the college I attended, Expression College for Digital Art. We chatted very briefly one day while he was on campus, and I learned a bit about what he's been doing for the environment.  Woody has a website called Voice Yourself which is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the green movement.  It has information on environmental issues and how to take action.