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National Geographic Green Effect Contest Winners

What have nearly 2,500 people and teams been doing over the last few months?  Entering into the National Geographic sponsored Green Effect contest.  The contest is based on submissions from every day people involving an idea about some small green task that will have a possible big effect on the envrionment - a green effect.


National Geographic Green Effect Contest Winners

This huge amount of submissions were combed through by a five judge panel, including hollywood star Edward Norton, whom chose the ten best.  The judge panel then went through these entries and picked the four best.  Another winner was added from online voting.  Each of the winners recieved a $20,000 grant to make their dreams realities.

The submissions chosen include plans for a tree planting, building a high school greenhouse and environmental education program, supplying a school with re-usable classroom party kits, a community recycling program that uses tricycles, and greening a low-income city block.  Congratulations to all the winners and make sure to view the winning submissions at this link.