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A New Paper Paradigm: Tree-Free Paper

Woody Harrelson - tree free paperBetween three and six billion trees are cut down each year and, of those, approximately 50% are used to make paper. This places a tremendous amount of pressure on the world’s ancient and endangered forests and threatens species that rely upon those forests for survival.

Despite efforts to move towards electronic practices, many people still rely heavily on paper in both their business and personal lives. And, well, paper comes from trees.

So what can be done?

Prairie Pulp & Paper’s innovative Step Forward Paper™ is a revolutionary copy paper that has set out to create a new paradigm in the paper industry: tree-free paper.  

The paper is made up of 20% Forest Stewardship Council certified wood fibre and 80% wheat-straw waste, providing wheat farmers with extra income without impacting the food supply chain.

Step Forward Paper’s performance is comparable to regular copy and printer papers. Research shows wheat-straw based paper and 100% recycled tree-fibre paper types have the lowest environmental impact.

Replacing just two boxes of copy paper made from virgin forest fibre with Step Forward Paper saves one whole tree.

As of June 2013, Prairie Pulp & Paper’s Step Forward Paper has saved 2,629 trees and 236,500lbs of CO2.

Prairie Pulp & Paper is leading the way in changing how we think about paper production while making the case for a new paper paradigm.

Watch Academy Award nominated actor and Prairie Pulp & Paper co-founder Woody Harrelson make the case for tree-free paper on (Link -  


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