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Nissan Leaf Uses iPhone and IT Management For Electric Vehicle

I have been writing a lot in recent days about the Nissan Leaf, an all electric vehicle, for one simple reason. I believe Nissan is doing it right with the car.  From their initial announcement to their small roll out and now their community applications, Nissan is hitting all the right notes.

Nissan Leaf EV

The community applications I am talking about are Nissan EV-IT, a complete energy management system for the vehicle.  EV-IT encompasses an inboard transmitting unit connected through mobile networks to a global data center.  Drivers of the LEAF can find out remotely the current driving radius of the vehicle, map navigation according to this charge and the location of the nearest charge station.  With EV-IT you can also schedule the time to begin charging to miss peak hours.

Along with these features EV-IT will allow iPhone users to view the temperature of their car and the charge level of the vehicle.   I think this is smart for Nissan because it plays in the interconnected, green savvy consumer who will likely purchase the first generation of the Leaf.  A lot of cool features for this little electric vehicle.