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Non-Kitchen Items for your Compost

Toilet paper rollsMost of us know all of the kitchen stuff you can compost - coffee grinds, bread crumbs, tea bags.   Many people tend to just think of kitchen items when it comes to composting, but there are actually plenty of things outside the kitchen that you can compost!    

- Used tissues

- Toilet paper rolls

- Nail clippings 

- Cotton balls (as long as they are 100% cotton)- Q-tips (as long as the stick is wood and not plastic)

- Biodegradable diapers with pee in them, such as Broody Chick Biodegradable Diapers.  (Don't compost the poop diapers, though!   Human feces is not compostable)

- Dryer lint

- Cotton or wool clothes that are beyond repair.  Just cut them up into little pieces so they break down faster.

- Pencil shavings

- Paper and envelopes, but remove any plastic windows from envelopes.

- Contents from a vacuum or Dustbuster.

- Latex balloons

- Dust bunnies

- Hair from your hairbrush or pet fur from a fur brush.  

Do you have anything to add to the list?