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Obama's State of the Union & the Environment

obama's 2011 state of the union

Last night, President Barack Obama discussed a couple of topics during his State of the Union speech that would be of particular interest to environmentalists.

Obama set a goal of having 80% of American households get their power from clean energy sources by 2035.   These energy sources would include nuclear, wind, solar, and clean coal.

Also by 2035, Obama said that it was his goal to have 80% of Americans have access to high speed rails by that year. 

Lofty goals, but I hope they happen.  

One noteworthy thing about Obama discussing the environment is that he never once brought up the phrases "global warming" or "climate change."  I think this was actually a pretty smart move.  It doesn't open up the climate change debate with the climate change deniers in the GOP and hopefully this makes it easier to get some more support from the Republicans.