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Olga Speranskaya- A Scientist Saving the World

Olga Speranskaya is a scientist from Russia who is seeking to transform non-governmental agencies into agents of change in the Russian Federation, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. The cause that this scientist is most associated with is the burial and use of pollutants left over from the Soviet area. Ms. Speranskaya led a consortium of eleven post-Soviet bloc states in various efforts to limit or end the harm from these poisonous substances.

Olga Speranskaya did not originally become an enviornmental advocate. Speranskaya began as a simple researcher at the Institute of Oceanology in Russia. It was at this time that she began to lead the way for the post-Soviet environmental movement and broke out in the world stage. Speranskaya won the Financial Times's David Thomas Prize for her essay titled, "What Will the Collapse of Communism Do to the Environment?" It was in this paper that she lay out her vision in dealing with persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from the Soviet era through an energized, empowered, public-interest NGO community.

Olga Speranskaya became Director of the Chemical Safety Program at the Eco-Accord Center for Environment and Sustainable Development in 1997 and has held this position every since. Under Olga's command this group led the fight to shape the Stockholm Convention in 1999. The Convention, which officially went into effect in 2004, calls for the elimination and reduction of the release of POPs into the environment. Many countries have now ratified this treaty and more signatories are in the process of ratification.


So please join me in thanking Olga Speranskaya for her tireless work with POPs and her 2009 Goldman Award.



There are so many battles to

There are so many battles to be fought in protecting our enviroment and all the living creatures living in this world, it is great to see people like Olga leading the charge on something as scary as POPs .

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