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Open4energy Promotes Open Source Energy Solutions

What is the best way to deal with energy management?  Many believe that Google and Microsoft's energy software solutions are the best. Others see companies involved in the home management market as most suited for creating energy software to structure and reduce energy use.  But could the best software be those created without the goal of profit?  Software created by programmers, both professional and amateur, for free?  Alexander Bischoff, owner of Open4energy, believes so.

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Open4energy is a solution for corporations and small business seeking to lower their energy costs.  Open4Energy utilizes open source energy management software to monitor and reduce the energy used by its' clients.  This practice falls under the heading Green ICT.  Green ICT is defined as the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently.

Mr. Bischoff states, "There is a real challenge here.  Energy is being wasted (at rates of) up to 35% for consumers and at least 15% in business."  Part of the solution to this problem is energy management.  Open4energy utilizes a number of different types of software including Ubuntu 9.04, LAMP, RRDtool 1.3.8, Cacti 0.8.7d and energyManager.  These software are available at no cost.  Implementing them is a service that Open4Energy provides, but also gives links to free downloads of the software.

Open4Energy is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and services business throughout the area.  They currently have an online survey going about energy management that I suggest you take.  A lengthy discussion is taking place between Mr. Bischoff and myself that is the basis of a future piece, so stay tuned.