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Plant Garlic this Fall

garlicBefore cleaning your garden to prepare for winter, you can plant some garlic for a an early summer harvest.  By planting garlic cloves in the fall, they will grow roots over the winter, grow greens in the spring, and you will be able to harvest the bulbs by the early summer.  


Growing garlic is easy and fun, even for a novice.  You don't even need to go to a garden store; cloves from the grocery store will work well.  Use the larger, outer cloves for planting. 

Plant the cloves about 3 inches deep and 6 inches apart, pointy-side facing up.  Mulch on top with leaves, straw, or other mulch.  In the early summer, harvest your garlic when the plants start to fail. 

Now's the time to plant them, so get digging and enjoy homegrown, fresh garlic in June.