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Plug-in 2010: Leaf Test Drive

I was fortunate enough to drive a real Leaf yesterday.  The dash provides a techie turn-on sequence when powered up.  As you can see in the below picture showing David Harron at the wheel, this vehicle included the optional navigation in the dash.  If you put it in a special ECO mode, then acceleration requires more throttle travel and the regenerative breaking is stronger.  But you can temporally override ECO just by tromping on the "gas".  You can see my knees in the back are not against the seat back, but I did notice that I could not tuck my feet under the front seat.

The car was quiet and smooth.  There is a switch to defeat the audible alert, but the alert is not loud enough to hear inside the closed cabin.  This will not be the car for someone who expects to impress with its sound until someone hacks the alert sound file.  Well, I must add that I found myself listing for (and could learn to love) the faint inverter whine that comes with higher RPMs.

Overall, this vehicle seems like an electrified Prius or Accord.  Practical, mainstream, and effective electric transportation.

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