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The power of geothermal energy

It's been around since the beginning of our earth's existence. Ironically, it's just now starting to become popular. Geothermal energy is, in most simple terms, the energy of the earth. It's a form of renewable energy, different than solar, which transfers heat from the earth's crust to provide an extremely efficient, sustainable, and wallet-friendly source of both heating and cooling. If you think about how this works, it's pretty basic. Regardless of what the weather may be outside our windows, the underground temperature in the core of the earth stays constant. Geothermal energy doesn't leave behind a carbon footprint, like many other forms of heating and cooling. It's simply taking energy from below us, which is an unlimited resource.

A Massachusetts geothermal energy company, National Geothermal, explains that "An average domestic Geothermal installation would create the same environmental benefits as planting 750 trees or save the electricity company burning approximately 9 tons of coal." That's pretty amazing.

Recent facts from the Geothermal Energy Association gave a basic statistic, to put into perspective the power behind this form of energy. The GEA antipates that the geothermal industry in the State of Nevada (random, I know) could be worth up to $22.5 billion over the next 30 years.That was $22.5 BILLION, with a "B"!

I'm predicting that there's going to be a HUGE boom of energy-based jobs in the near future, focusing soley on geothermal and solar power. Not only can renewable energy be use in commercial properties, but they can be utilized in your own home, on a small or large scale.

Got a green thumb? Maybe you can figure out a way to dig deep enough in your garden to redeem some of this geothermal energy. Just a thought.