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Prince Charles attacks climate change business sceptics

prince charles and climate changePrince Charles has launched a scathing attack upon corporate lobbyists and climate change sceptics for transforming the world in to a ‘dying patient.’ 

The Prince of Wales was speaking to UK ministers and tropical forest scientists at St James’ Palace as he attacked businesses that failed to care for the environment. Such businesses are unlikely to be in possession of an ISO 14001 certificate, which businesses can implement to reduce their environmental impact whilst still increasing profits. It can facilitate expansion in to new sectors and protect businesses against future legislation by possessing the certificate, demonstrating their commitment to reducing their environmental impact. 

Prince Charles called for greater education regarding deforestation so that the world’s forests would be appreciated, hopefully resulting in the slowing down of deforestation. He sees forests as playing a critical role in the environment by providing food, water, energy and habitats for plants and animals. Prince Charles likened the current generation to a doctor with the task of taking care of a critically ill patient. ‘The Earth's physical, chemical and biological systems are crying out to be treated – now.’ He went on to claim that the environmental threat to the planet is ‘the greatest risk we have ever faced.’ 

Prince Charles was talking to an audience that included Lord Stern and Owen Paterson, the Conservative Secretary of State for the Environment. Similarly, Ed Davey supported the speech from Prince Charles, arguing that climate change affects all people. Head of sustainable business for Marks and Spencer, Mike Barry, took to social media site Twitter to praise the Prince of Wales for his stance on climate change. He tweeted: ‘Prince Charles' attack on climate sceptics is significant. As he nears throne many expect him to back off – he isn't.’ There was clearly widespread praise for Prince Charles who used his power to address an issue that is often swept under the carpet by top politicians. 

However, the speech did not go without opposition. Climate sceptic bodies, such as the Global Warming Policy Foundation led by Lord Nigel Lawson, attacked the Prince of Wales for being out of touch with the UK population, 50% of whom are believed to be climate sceptics. 

The anti-monarchy Republic group also criticised the Prince of Wales for involving himself in political debates once again, making particular note of how the heir to the throne held views that were not in line with those of the governing politicians. 

Prince Charles is a known environmentalist, but the strong rhetoric of this speech really demonstrated his commitment to tackling climate change and his discontent with businesses that do not do their bit to help reduce their environmental impact.