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Prince Charles: Royally Concerned about the Environment

Prince Charles and the environment

Today, a book by Prince Charles hit shelves.  It’s called Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World.  It covers a variety of different issues going on in the world today, from poverty to healthcare.  One other topic the book discusses is climate change.   It comes no surprise that climate change is an issue in Prince Charles's new book.  

Charles, Prince of Wales has been a longtime champion of the environment.  For almost 30 years, Prince Charles has been advocating for the environment, such as taking an interest in organic farming.  Initially, people mocked him for these beliefs, but how far society has come!

The Prince also started his own organic brand, Duchy Originals, in 1990.   They offer items like cookies soup, and marmalade, and the proceeds go to charitable causes.

Prince Charles was ahead of the game when it came to global warming.  He began talking about it in 1990, says he's been concerned about human’s impact the environment since he was a teenager. 

In 2006, Prince Charles announced that he would make his household’s travel arrangements greener.  He even went as far as publishing details of his carbon footprint and targets for reducing carbon emissions in his household. 

In 2007, Prince Charles received the 10th annual Global Environmental Citizen Award from the Harvard Medical School's Center for Health and the Global Environment. 

This past summer, Prince Charles gave a speech to Islamic studies scholars at Oxford University, saying that that man's destruction of the Earth went against scriptures of all religions, and against those of Islam in particular.  He also discussed his own study of the Koran and he said that it tells its followers that there is 'no separation between man and nature'.” 

Last month, Prince Charles said this in an issue of Vanity Fair:  “I am absolutely determined to be the defender of nature. Full stop. That’s what the rest of my life is going to be concerned with.”