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PROGO 3000: An Eco-Friendly Propane Powered Scooter

propane scooterEverybody is always looking for an inexpensive and eco-friendly mode of transporation.  That's why I was excited to hear about the PROGO 3000 from ProGo Recreation, LLC.    After two years of research and testing, ProGo Recreation announced that they are starting production on the PROGO 3000 - the first-ever propane powered scooter!  And you can help them fundraise on their Kickerstarter page!

Why propane?

- Propane is energy efficient .  

- Propane is clean burning with lower and cleaner emissions.

- Propane tanks are reusable and contain recycled steel. 

- Propane tanks are small enough to carry in your backpack, so if you run out of propane, you're not stuck walking home!  

Plus, the PROGO 3000 is EPA and CARB approved for California, so it is legal to ride everywhere that gas scooters are not.  Its 25cc 4-stroke engine can reach speeds of 20 mph and it can get up to 40 miles per propane canister.  It folds up for convenient storage and it's lightweight so you don't have to lug around something heavy!  

The Kickerstarter campaign is going great so far and there are 18 days left to pledge.  Check it out to learn more and make a pledge.