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Reserving Your Nissan Leaf

Starting May 15th you will be able to reserve an all-electric Nissan Leaf at this link.  You will need to pay a $100 refundable deposit to get on the list.

The Leaf is targeted to be a commute car, so it can be viable if you have access to another vehicle in your family for long distance traveling.  There are plenty of naysayers who have plenty of reasons why the Leaf is not for them, and why they think it will not be successful.  But the Leaf is the first car since the RAV4EV to be a viable mass market all-battery electric.  The recent oil spill in the gulf helps highlight why this car is so compelling, and if you insist on transportation without oil, then the Leaf is definitely your best choice right now.

Nissan LeafNissan LeafUpper RearUpper Rear








While the charger is build-in to the car, a home "charging" dock will be needed and will cost around $2,200 including installation.  A Federal tax credit may offset 50% of the cost (up to $2000) through Dec. 2010.  Here is a video about the 220/240V, 40A dock: link.    Charging from empty to full with this dock will take 8-hours.

Nissan is helping establish a charging network at malls, service stations, etc., presumably using 220/240V, 40A units.   The navigation system will show these locations as they come online.  You can also plug the car into a regular 110/120V 20 amp dedicated outlet for slower "trickle charging".  Finally, the car can handle 400/480V quick-charging (30 minute to 80%) stations that will eventually be available in many markets.


The 100-mile range is based on the LA4 drive cycle – an EPA testing and rating system.  Range will vary with your driving style, and conditions.  Nissan expects the battery to have a lifespan of 5-10 years, and battery age will lead to a corresponding decrease in range.  So, if your work is 50 miles from your home, then you will need to negotiate with your workplace to plug-in during the day.  The navigation system will tell you if your planned destination is within estimated range.


  • MSRP is $32,780
  • $7,500 in Federal tax credits.
  • $5,000 in California rebate.
  • California registered Leafs can apply to drive in HOV lanes regardless of vehicle occupancy.

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