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Reusable Feminine Products

OK, fellas.  We're going to be discussing reusable feminine products in this post.  If you're squeamish or otherwise disinterested, may I direct you to the following posts that may interest the average American male?

Alright, on that reinforcing-gender-stereotypes note, I've got the lowdown on reusable feminine products below.  

There is a lot of waste associated with feminine products.  Pads and tampons come in plastic bags or boxes, some tampons have applicators, and many brands also individually wrap each item, too.  That's a lot of plastic!!  And as for the decomposition of them, pads usually contain plastic meaning they won't break down.    

There are also health risks associated with tampons.

There are two different types of reusable feminine products:

  • Washable pads.  Many of us green mama think nothing of cloth diapering, so why not start to use reusable pads?  It can't be worse than poop -- especially TODDLER poop, right?  You may have heard of Glad Rags or Luna Pads, and our friends over at Thanks Mama offer two other types of pads.  
  • Cups.  There's the Diva Cup and The Keeper.   They are inserted like a tampon and the cup catches the blood.  

The best part is that you'll also save money and the cups are particularly convenient.  Imagine not having to run to the drug store when you feel those cramps coming on!