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San Diego Goes Electric

San Diego is trying to get ahead of the curve and spearhead the next stage in automotive history.  I recently wrote about how the California city will be one of five designated spots for Nissan to sell its new Electric Vehicle, the Leaf. Nissan chose this city because it is part of a giant Department of Energy battery funding project.  The city will receive $400 million to create infrastructure for a new all electric fleet.  All this goes together with a recent announcement from the San Diego Gas & Electric Utility.

The large utility plans to use a mobile car-charging device from Juice Technologies as part of a trial of plug-in electric cars in the region.  These devices will allow remote access of charging by drivers and view their energy usage.   Also, the utilities hope this will help the drivers charge their vehicles in non-peak hours, preventing added strain the power grid.

All in all, these three bits of news show that San Diego believes the next auto revolution is in electric and this city really wants the catch to that wave.