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Solar Energy Saving Jobs at the Space Program

Here is something that I find completely fascinating and a little unsettling.  The world's foremost space power is now turning towards renewable energy to save some employees their jobs.  With the closing of space shuttle flights this year, many of those working at the Florida base will found themselves redundant.  That was until a new set of projects by NASA and Florida Power & Light Co. took shape.

The new projects call for installation of solar panels at two sites that will produce enough power for about 1,200 homes.  This $80 million venture is part of a trio of FP&L solar projects in Florida that will cost about $700 million and generate about 110 megawatts of electricity.  This new push by Florida's largest utility in solar power will place the state in second place for solar power generation.  First place belongs to California.

Kennedy Space Director Bob Cabana said green-energy jobs could help hold a talented work force in place while brings on the Constellation program for the agency's next series of manned space flights.  "Once the shuttle stops flying, there's going to be a decrease in the total number of jobs here at KSC," Cabana said. "We're looking at ways to make that transition and find jobs."

The only problem that I have with this news is the sorry state of our space program.  It was through lack of leadership and vision that the space program of the United States now sits grounded in Florida.  Let us hope that these new renewable jobs (how the switch in science area will work is yet to be seen) will keep these bright minds for when the nation truly has a space program worthy of its legendary past.