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Is a Solar-Powered Backpack Right For You?

These days, it seems like there's one "eco-friendly" gimmick after the other hitting the market, promising to decrease consumers' carbon footprint and overall environmental impact. One of the latest innovations promising to deliver results is the Voltaic Solar Backpack.  But is this new product right for you? Read on to learn about some of its features and decide if it meets you individual needs.

Charging Power

The bag contains two removable 2.0 solar watt panels that combine to provide 4 watts of green energy. Claiming that 4-5 hours in the sunlight is enough to charge the average smartphone, this bag can mean revolutionary changes to our old approach to energy and electricity. It also possesses a USB battery that can be charged either via the sun or, if need be, a power cable. The battery allows for long-term energy storage to allow for easy use whenever, wherever. It could definitely come in handy for the student on the go.

Space for Your Stuff

Depending on what you will be using your backpack for, the product may or may not be big enough for your needs. It offers a spacious 1500 cubic inches of storing space which can hold everything from your phones, to your cameras and or even the archaic product known as a book!

Additionally, the bag boasts a laptop specific pocket that is padded for extra protection. However, it can only accommodate those with a screen equal to or less than 17", larger sizes are not guaranteed to fit.

How Heavy is It

People just hearing about this item tend to worry about the bag's weight. They hear the charging capabilities it has and automatically equate that with heaviness. However, that thankfully isn't the case with this specific model. Including the solar panels and battery, the bag comes in just under 5 pounds, so after that any weight is totally due to you and your stuff.

Another great aspect of the bag is that the solar panels detach, allowing for easy transfer to other bags, items and devices—talk about versatile. So, if you're in the market for a new backpack either for work, school, or a little bit of everything, you might consider this as an option. Made to work with our ever-evolving, digitally connected lives, it might prove a good investment for you.


This guest post comes courtesy of Mariana Ashley, who frequently gives advice on applying to online schools to prospective students through Reach her at [email protected].