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South Korea & Sweden Combine to Use Biogas Power

Continuing are push for good news out of the Korean Peninsula, comes this effort to use biogas to power a growing metropolis. The city of Ulsan in South Korea is now using their waste water as a source of biogas, a type of clean fuel that can be used as power to heat buildings and even power vehicles. This new initiative is part of President Lee Myung-bak call to embark on a new development model that emphasizes so-called green growth.


Ulsan is an industrial city of over a million people on the south east coastline of Korea that is coming to terms with waste.  The city, home of Hyundai Motor Corp. and Hyundai Heavy Industries Co, usually processes wastes into composts or landfills.  The problem is some of the waste water resulting from the process is being released directly into the water supply and ocean.This has led to new restrictions in the city including the banning of dumping of waste water generated by the processing of leftover food into the sea.  Yet even with this ban a huge amount of waste water would still escape into the sea.

In pursuit of capturing this waste, Ulsan partnered with Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB to create an alternative where this waste can become energy.  In a pilot project, some water treatment facilities in Uslan will soon start accepting food and other waste for processing into biogas with technology and expertise provided by Biogas Fuels AB.  This Swedish company is a leader in the nation where biogas should be the leading source of power within ten years.  CEO of Biogas Fuels Paul Davidson sees great potential in this coupling stating, "Here you get energy out of something that you need to do something with: waste," he said. "So it's very effective."

If this program is succesful in Ulsan many other cities in South Korea may be seeing similar programs in the next few years.  The program in Uslan is also expected to solid waste once the pilot project is proven succesful.