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Sun Chips introduces a quieter, compostable bag

Last fall, Frito-Lay discontinued most compostable Sun Chips bags after sales declines and people complained that they were too noisy.   These should be available in stores right now. 

PepsiCo Inc. (which owns Frito-Lay) worked hard last year to find a biodegradable but quietier solution to their bags.  

Unfortunately, will only be on Sun Chips plain flavored chips.  This is the only Sun Chips variety that never switched back to plastic bags.  But perhaps if these do well, Frito-Lay might consider switching the other bags over as well.

Speaking of greener packaging, Heinz is working on a greener ketchup bottle.  Let's see if any other bigger food companies will follow in their footsteps.  Snack foods and condiments are not going anywhere, so more sustainable food packaging is an important step in reducing litter, pollution, and energy.