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Sustainable Garden Intiative Taking Root in Menlo Park, CA

Last night I attended a meetup group in Menlo Park, CA.  The meeting, held in the public library, focused on the creation of a group that will motivate and aid people in converting their yards into sustainable landscapes.  The group is seeking to do this by using earth friendly gardening techniques, establishing edible gardens and re-introducing native, drought tolerant plants.

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The event was put together by Susan Cann, a local activist and entrepreneur in the green sector.  Susan wishes to change the landscape of urban and suburban Northern California.  Her goals include the detoxification of the soil and putting an end to the petro-based gardening methods used currently.

The event was a smashing success with 20 people attending.  They included writers, LEED architects, scientists, master gardeners and some guy involved in a website (ME!!).  The group is in the very beginning stages and needs help in achieving its goals.

The number one thing we need are to get people involved!  If you are interested in helping creating a edible and sustainable landscape contact us immediately.  You can either contact me at my e-mail address ([email protected]) or join the meet up.  The more people we have involved in the project the better!

Second, we need help creating a plan for the organization.  If you have been involved with similar groups please send us an explanation of how you did it or some suggestions.  We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, just to start a project on the Peninsula.

Lastly, we need your support.   Be it material, labor or professional expertise, the group needs you to help us be successful.  We are seeking to make this a publicized event and should be a great PR boost for any individuals involved in the green sector.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the group.  If it is successful (which I am sure it will be) and you don't live in the area, we will be happy to help you start a movement in your community also.  So let's make a change to our landscapes and start the green movement in our backyards!


Good Idea

I definitely like the idea of the sustainable garden. If we could have more of those all over the country, we could significantly reduce our reliance on produce from around the world, and possibly help to generate more jobs. It's a pity this has not gotten the publicity it needs. 

Best Regards,


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