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The Tea Party & the Environment: Unkeen, Ungreen

christine o'donnell tea party

I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing about the Tea Party.  I'M tired of hearing about the Tea Party.  We know what they stand for:  free markets, limited government, etc.  

But, what are their platforms when it comes to the environment?  It comes as no surprise that many Tea Party candidates seem to be anti-environment.  

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dan Maes, a Tea Party darling, opposed Denver's bike sharing program.  In fact, he accused Denver's Mayor John Hickenlooper of "converting Denver into a United Nations community" via the bike sharing program.

Michele Bachmann has called global warming "a hoax."

Sarah Palin loves "drill, baby, drill" and supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  She also does not believe that climate change is manmade.

Christine O'Donnell argues against a national energy policy that caps emissions.  And that's if she even talks about the environment at all.

And everyone's favorite Tea Party nutcase, Rand Paul, has said that climate legislation will create "an army of armed EPA agents" who go into private homes to make sure people are complying with with energy efficiency standards.  Seriously?!  He's also accused the EPA of being "arrogant" and that Obama's criticisms of BP and the oil spill were "un-American."  

Lastly, in an August, Jane Mayer of The New Yorker reveals that one of America‚Äôs wealthiest oil families, the Koch family, has ties to the Tea Party movement.  Read the article here.  

The Tea Party is bad for the environment and they must be defeated.  Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!