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Ted Kennedy: A Friend of the Environment

Ted Kennedy: A Friend of the EnvironmentI was saddened to hear the news of Ted Kennedy's passing.  Even though his brain cancer diagnosis was grim, it still was sad to lose such an important, progressive, and influential person in American politics.

As a resident of Massachusetts, I've happily voted for Senator Kennedy, but the funny part is that since I've lived here, nobody ran against him.  I guess nobody wanted to bother running against the Liberal Lion!

Senator Kennedy did so many wonderful things throughout his career, from helping immigrants and the working class to the environment.   He cared so deeply about so many things, and Ted Kennedy was certainly a friend to the environment and the green movement.

A few highlights for what Senator Kennedy stood for when it came to the environment...

- He supported efforts to reduce vehicle emissions.

- He worked hard to prevent drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

- He worked to improve public transportation and increase mass transit benefits for commuters.

- He worked to increase production of hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

- He fought to reduce students' exposure to bus fumes.

- He worked to raise fuel economy standards.

- He promoted energy research and development.

- He worked to address global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

- He worked to expand ocean research.

And that's just a brief list!

Rest in peace, Teddy.  Thank you for all that you did for Massachusetts, the entire country, and our environment.  We'll miss you and hope that your work and legacy are carried on.



A sad day for the nation, but a great article.  Thanks Krissy.

Sean Fitzpatrick is a burgeoning green entrepreneur and journalist with a juris doctor from Santa Clara University, School of Law. Currently, he is business development and community manger of


As sad as this news is, I'm glad that Teddy got to accomplish as much as he did!

I find it sad how few people

I find it sad how few people actually knew ANYTHING Kennedy did as a politician before all these stories honoring him.  I don't know that there ever was or ever will be another politician as influential as Ted Kennedy.

Ted Kennedy

I agree.  After being sad about his death, I immediately got concerned.  I just hope there are more politicians as passionate to continue all of the hard work he had done.

This afternoon, my husband and I were driving up the highway and we noticed that there were cars lined up on the shoulders and people standing on the overpasses.  I thought to myself, "This HAS to do with Teddy!"  And we turned on the radio, and sure enough, it was because his body was going to be transported up that highway and to a small airport.  People were getting in their last good-byes.  Definitely one of the most beloved political figures in my lifetime, if not THE most!

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