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TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Bill Nye

If there are any 90s kids out there, you probably remember Bill Nye the Science Guy on television.  More recently, Nye has been the host of Stuff Happens on Planet Green, and appears on The Weather Channel discussing ways to save energy.

Over the years, Bill Nye has spoke about the dangers of climate change.  On Larry King, Nye once said, "I'm sure [climate change] is real. It's where we have put so much -- so many greenhouse gasses, so many molecules of greenhouse gases.......the speed that the world is getting warmer is getting really fast. And what's happening is these molecules hold heat in, in the same way glass holds heat in a greenhouse. That's where we got the name."

Bill Nye lives in a super sustainable house working to compete with his neighbor, the quintessential green celeb, Ed Begley, Jr.  Nye actually has a power system that shows when he's making more power than he's using!  

Bill Nye also received a Chevy Volt to test out.  Check out his thoughts on it.

Bill Nye isn't just the "Science Guy"...he's Bill Nye the Super Green Guy!