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TGIF Keen & Green Celeb: Robert Redford

This blog post is the first in a series called TGIF Keen & Green Celeb.  Every Friday, we'll profile a green celebrity.  What better way to end the week than with a little eco-fluff?

It seems natural to have Robert Redford as the first subject for this series.  Before it became cool to be "green," Robert Redford was fighting for the environment.  

He's been a friend to the planet since the 70s and talking about climate change since the 80s.  He's worked with NRDC extensively over the years.  He spoke up against Bush-era environmental policies with passion and anger.  Read this great interview with him from 2003.  

Last year, Robert Redford received the first ever Duke LEAF Award, for lifetime environmental achievement in the fine arts.  (This year's winner was Jackson Browne -- another awesome green celeb and personally a favorite songwriter of mine!)

Most recently, he's discussed the BP oil spill and thought of it as a sad wake-up call.  

Go Bob!  The environment is lucky to have you!