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Top 6 Tips for Cooling Your Home in a Green Way

As the temperatures of summer continue to climb, many people are looking for budget-saving green ways to cool their homes. There are some natural ways to create a cooler environment, and they don't have to cost a lot of money.

The reality is, there are things you can do inside and outside of your home that will help keep it cool in a green way. For instance, you should focus on the sunlight that heats your home and on ways to shade the house from the sun during the hot summer months. Airflow is another huge concern.

Let the cool morning air in, and keep the hot midday air out.

While you may choose to use air conditioning units, strategic placement and maintenance of the units can add to the concept of going green. In addition, some units are much more energy efficient than others. Doing research upfront can help ensure a wise investment.
Besides helping to keep you cool and comfortable, the tips below are great ways to go green and save money at the same time.

Tip 1: Open windows during late evenings, nights, and early morning hours and shut them during the hottest hours of the day. This allows cool air in and helps keep hot air out.

Tip 2: Use window treatments to help insulate your home against the heat of summer. Blinds and window shades in light colors or white can help reflect the heat. Closing curtains can also be helpful in keeping the heat out. One other option is the use of certain types of window tinting treatments that can help reflect heat.

Tip 3: If you have a basement, cellar, or other area that stays cooler than the rest of your home, you can use that area as a cooling agent. Simply place a fan in the doorway of the area so the cool air blows out into the main space of the home. Strategically placed fans can make a huge difference in the way a home feels. Ceiling fans as well as oscillating fans are recognized for their cooling powers.

Tip 4: Take the time to investigate how much insulation is in your home. The major part of heat that enters a home (up to 60 percent) enters through the walls and the ceiling. Ensuring you have the recommended insulation level can cut the costs of cooling your home by as much as 10 percent.

Tip 5: Go green with trees. Why not plant deciduous trees around the west and south sides of your home? This is the area that receives the most sunlight; the trees' leaves will provide shade to help cool your home during the spring and summer months.

During autumn, the trees will lose their leaves, and the sun will be allowed to shine through and warm your home. Trees and/or shrubs can be strategically placed to provide shade at windows and for the shade and protection of air conditioning units. Planting trees in this way is a fabulous way to work with nature.

Tip 6: Consider outdoor window awnings and porch coverings. These options can be used to keep the sun from shining in windows and doors and, therefore, they help reduce the heat in certain areas of the home. Another advantage of this method of green cooling effect is the fact that it adds definite value to the home.

Awnings aren't just for decoration!

Going green doesn't have to be expensive. A simple, common-sense approach to keeping your home cool can be extremely effective, and it can also be green!

Debbie Allen is a blogger, professional content writer, and Internet marketer who likes to write about issues related to everything from small business management and online marketing strategies to doctor reviews. She also writes content about home and garden topics and self-development concerns.