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Top New Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

toyota prius 2008

Consumer Reports recently came out with a list of the top 18 most fuel-efficient new cars which are currently being sold.  

With rising gas prices, even people who don't care so much about being green are looking into finding less gas-guzzling options.  And even for the eco-friendly of us, walking or relying on public transportation is not always realistic.  (Especially when much of the country doesn't have reliable public transit!)  Luckily there are plenty of options for fuel-efficient cars, as evidenced in the Consumer Reports list!

So, who made the cut?  

1.  Toyota Prius IV: 32 city/55 highway
2.  SmartForTwo Passion: 30 city/44 highway
3.  Honda Insight EX 29 city/45 highway
4.  Volkswagen Golf TDI (MT) 27 city/49 highway
5.  Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI (MT) 25 city/49 highway
6.  Honda CR-Z EX (MT) 26 city/45 highway
7.  Toyota Camry Hybrid 28 city/41 highway
8.  Scion xD (MT) 25 city/40 highway
9.  Ford Fusion Hybrid 25 city/40 highway
10.  Mazda 2 Sport (MT) 25 city/40 highway

Read the rest here.  Note:  The list didn't include fully-electric cars and alternative fuel vehicles. 

What's great is that many of these options are not even that expensive.  The VW Golf starts at only $17,995 and the Honda Insight starts at $18,000.