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Tuesday Morning Quick Hits

Good morning everyone and welcome to a shortened work week.  To start off the week I will be focusing on Korean envrionmental news.  The reason for this is the deluge of information concerning the nuclear testing in the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea.  With so much anxiety and pressure mounting in the international community because of this testing, I taught it best to show how South Korea is being a force for good in the world.  South Korea is a leader in the world in investment, creation and implementation of sustainable and clean technologies.  Without further ado, please enjoy some of the breaking envrionmental stories coming out of the Korean Pennisulla.

White Paper: The Global Infrastructure Boom of 2009-2015The Journal of Commerce recently published a policy paper on the expected major increase in public infrastructure funding globally in the next few years.  In this paper, South Korea is mentioned numerous times and the paper provides great insight into how energy must now be seen as an essential element of infrastructure.

SOUTH KOREA TO SPEND BIG ON NEW GROWTH ENGINES: South Korea is planning to spend $19.4 billion over the next year on creating "star brands" in key new growth sectors.  The industries keyed for major growth include advanced fuel cells, clean transportation, convergence, robotics, biotech, nuclear energy and advanced information technology.

Will South Korea Clean the U.S.'s Clock in Green IT?Preston Gala of is asking the question on the mind of many witnessing this dramatic investment in clean technolgy by South Korea.  Mr. Gala contrast and compares the two approaches.  Click the title to see who Mr. Gala thinks is the winner.