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UnGreen, UnKeen Celebrities

Celebrities, living in the spotlight, cannot get away with anything without getting caught by the paparazi!  While some famous people use their star power to promote environmental activism (such as Bono, Cameron Diaz, Jack Johnson, and more), others are infamously wasteful.

Lindsay Lohan Ungreen Lindsay Lohan Ungreen

Take (trainwreck) Lindsay Lohan, photographed in April, 2009 throwing a flyer out of the window of a friends car.  Or actress Katherine Heigl, who had to smooth talk her way out of a littering ticket when she threw her cigarette butt on the ground in front of a police officer in 2008.

And it gets worse.  The reported that while vacationing in his Colorado ranch, Tom Cruise sent his assistance by jet plane to the nearest town to grab wifey Katie Holmes' favorite soda.  Rapper P.Diddy reportedly requires two private jets when he travels - one for him and his companions and another for his Louis Vuitton luggage. Sheesh!


Eddie Murphy Ungreen

Can you imagine requiring a brand new pair of undies every day?  Well, actor/comedian Eddie Murphy does just that - reports that Eddie insists on a fresh pair of underwear every day, tag still on, which he throws in the garbage at the end of the day.

Definitely not Keen or Green!


That Katherine Heigl one

That Katherine Heigl one makes me think of one of my pet peeves:  smokers who think that cigarette butts don't constitute as litter.  It's such a disgusting eyesore to see cigarette butts strewn along sidewalks and highways.

And that Eddie Murphy thing is just bizarre.  He should at least donate his undies!

Eddie Murphy's Undies


Then don't use them! Some

Then don't use them! Some people can't afford to buy their own clothes. Once worn underwear shouldn't go in the trash. The idea of underwear being worn once and then being thrown away is far more disgusting to me than the idea of wearing used (but washed) underwear. There are people out there who might need such a thing.

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