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Upcycling Throw Pillows

I really like throw pillows, but unfortunately many of the throw pillows in my house have seen better days.  While going through the attic, old clothes, and my son's closet, I had an idea:  what if I upcycled these ratty old throw pillows?  I have a crafty friend with a sewing machine who has been hosting upcycling workshops - this could be a fun project.  

I gathered up some things that would be good covers on these old throw pillows:

Old T-shirts

I found a big old Winnie the Pooh t-shirt among my pajamas.  It's not something I wear frequently, and my son is a huge Winnie the Pooh fan, so why not turn that old Pooh shirt into a throw pillow for my son's room?

Old Sweaters

Sweaters can make a nice cozy material for a throw pillow.  If you have sweaters that are ill-fitting, ripped, or uncomfortable, they could make a lovely pillow case. 

Baby Blankets and Receiving Blankets

I wound up with a lot of baby and receiving blankets.  The receiving blankets in particular could work well because they're about the right size for most standard throw pillows if you use two.  Some of ours are plain, solid colored, or striped, making them good options for a guest room.  Others have rather "boyish" patterns with footballs or trains, making them good options for my son's bed.  


This is a cool way to upcycle a table cloth that might have a bad stain on only part of it.  Maybe you can even get a few pillow cases out of it!

Old Sheets

These are also great for body pillows!

If you can't sew, you can also use fabric glue or depending on the material, you can use a no-sew method.   I haven't made these throw pillows yet, but I've gathered the materials and plan to start making them at the next upcycling workshop.  I'll be making the Winnie the Pooh pillow and a few out of some old receiving blankets.  I'll post the results then!