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Using Twitter For The Green Revolution

twitter, green revolution

As I try to get out the word on this wonderful website and community we are creating on this little slice of the internet, I am beginning to use numerous social networking tools.  These vary from Facebook to LinkedIn to, the reason for this post, Twitter.

I created an account on twitter that you may see here and followed a couple of great twitter accounts.  The first is SolarRichmond that promotes the solar industry in Richmond, CA.  The second is GreenBureau that promotes green business news.  Both of these twitter accounts are interesting to follow but most of their tweets seem to be based on only providing links to articles.

That brings me to my question for the community.  How do you want me to use Twitter?  Would you like just tweets linking to posts, only comments to interesting statements or a combination of both?  Do you think it is even worth using Twitter?  Please let me know with your feedback and provide me tales of your own experience with Twitter.


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