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Veggies for All at Unity College

Veggies For All is a community service hunger relief program by the "Unity Barn Raisers" that grows food for a local food bank in Waldo County, Maine. They have various gardens on the campus of Unity College and the program provides organically, locally grown produce to those who have the least access.

Unity College is dubbed America’s Environmental College. Situated in rural Maine, the classrooms often are the bogs, mountains, and forests. The majors are mostly environmentally related.  You can major in Agriculture, Food, and Sustainability, Aquaculture and Fisheries, or Parks, Recreation, and Ecotourism to name a few.

There is also a children’s summer camp called Maine Arts Camp that uses the Unity College campus and participates in Veggies for All. Even though it’s an arts camp, it has incorporated green living into the camp curriculum. They recently began offering an Environmental Ed and gardening class. Campers learned about oil spills, solar energy, urban planning, and more.

It’s so exciting to see a program like this, both for kids to get involved in at a summer camp and for college students to take part in as well!

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