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Want to See a Really Cool Electric Bike?

Yamaha is filed a patent this previous week concerning a revolutionary new motor bike to accompany their current line.  This 2005 Gen-Ryu hybrid concept bike will utilize a YZF-R6 600cc engine to power a generator, which in turn will drive the bike's rear wheel. By using electricity as a power source this eliminates the need for both a clutch and gearbox.  This reduces the weight of bike and increases power efficency.

I know many of you will ask why do we need to improve fuel efficiency of bikes since they are already frugal in gas use?  Well, simply it isn't all about fuel efficency, it is also about power.  By dropping weight the Gen-Ryu hybrid can feel like a bike with twice as large an engine.  At the same time the bike becomes much less complex, making it more attractive for older riders.

Though this is just a filing of a patent one should take this action seriously.  As the folks at Gizmag point out, all styling patents published over the last 20 years by Yamaha has resulted in a full production model.  Expect to see this new model at the Tokoyo Auto Show later this year.