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Wednesday Quick Hits

Wednesday quick hits is focusing on green construction and the law surrounding the field. Today, we have gathered a number of great articles from across the net to illuminate different elements of green construction. They range in topics from LEED to lighting standards to eduction. Please read and tell me what you think of the choices.

I also know many of you are wondering how I pick posts to highlight on quick hits. Well, their really is two criteria. One, did I find it interesting. If I gained a novel insight into a topic or a fresh perspective on then I was interested. Second, do I think others will find it interesting. As someone with a JD, I sure do love the minutia of legal arguments, but I doubt many others would. So I try to pick sophisticated but accessible blog entries. I hope this gives you a little glimpse in how I read when I search the internet for information and will aid in your enjoyment of the pieces.

Victor Schinnerer: New LEED AP Program Raising Standards of Care, Changing Risk Profiles: Stephen Del Percio of the Green Real Estate Law Journal reviews Schinnerer's recent report and provides commentary. The subjects discussed include liability and design issues.

Education, Our Biggest Challenge: What is the biggest block between sustainable building practices? Well according to the folks at Green Challenge it is Education. “Education is our biggest challenge because with the demand for knowledge rising combined with the lack of direct information it is hard to reconcile the knowledge barrier and may actually affect corporate sustainability efforts.”

Green Schools An Education For Us All: Green Building and Environmental Trends has a concise opinion post on the possibility of the new spending in school modernization to serve as a learning tool in sustainable methods for the construction industry. I am hard pressed to confer since I see many of those receiving these contracts as being existing experts in the field. Why would schools risk major retrogrades with untested companies? I just think the post is misguided but tell us what you think.

Salem State College Announces LEED Dormitory LEED Blogger reports that Salem State College is opening a new dormitory that will meet LEED certification. The $57.5 million dollar facility will be made of recycled content materials and include a green roof.

DOE Passes New Lighting Standards--A Must Read!!: The Department of Energy recently updated standards for lighting. Green Energy and Development Law seems to be extremely excited about the prospect of saving so much energy from a small standard change and you should be too!