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What can plastic be recycled into?

I've always recycled, but sort of mindlessly.  I knew what I could and couldn't recycle and I always did so, but I didn't really think about what happens to the items you recycle.  Namely, plastic.

I did a little bit of research and am in awe of the types of things that a recyclable plastic item, such as a plastic milk jug, could be turned into.

Here are some things I found that can be made out of recycled plastic:

- Furniture, outdoor signs, and more.  Recycled plastic can be turned into a lounge chair for your backyard, and outdoor sign, or a bike rack!

- Bridges.  I thought this was particularly cool.  The Pine Barrens in my beloved home state of New Jersey now has a 56 foot long bridge made entirely out of recycled plastic!  Apparently "plastic lumber" is one of the more common things that plastic can be recycled into.

- Greenhouses that you can build yourself.  (Or, you can make a little one out of a soda bottle!)

- Outdoor decks. Not only is it eco-friendly, but also lists a variety of other reasons why a deck made out of recycled plastic is great.  It rarely cracks and splinters, it's resistent to rot, mildew, and termites, you don't need to waterproof or stain it, and it can last a really long time!

- Fleece clothing.  About 25 plastic bottles will make one piece of fleece clothing.  Other clothes can be made out of plastic, too!

- Carpeting.

There are lots more, so feel free to add to this list.



Fascinating stuff - I always

Fascinating stuff - I always thought plastic bottles were cleaned and recycled as plastic bottles.  Silly me Tongue out

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